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Welcome Visitor, I'm Tina Lupiezowiec: Explore Psychic, Spiritual & Paranormal Phenomena with me.

Hello visitors, fellow psychics, paranormal enthusiasts, metaphysical explorers and friends I have not met yet. Following is bit about me, Tina.

Greetings fellow card-carrying members of the fruit-loop-troop and interested parties. Herein this blog and coming soon, you may be challenged to think differently or you may be amused, maddened, bored, or emboldened, or experience nothing at all, or something completely beyond explanation.

Black and white photo of Tina laughing

Is Tina a genius, an expert, or an authority?

My name is Tina Lupiezowiec and I am definitely NOT an expert on anything, including but not limited to all things paranormal, psychical and spiritual; that's not to say I don't know things. I know some things. Are those things I know considered truth? They feel like truth to me. Is truth fact? Now that there is a noggin'-scratcher. My brain aches just thinking deep thoughts like that. I will leave that sort of thinking to the philosophers, theologians and whoever makes inspirational calendars.

I like to focus my attention on what many people consider to be the least sexy aspects of the paranormal: the mundane topics and the often overlooked minutia: the day to day mystical occurrences and the brave everyday people who in spite of a pervasive culture of ridicule, mockery, prejudice and fear, try to work in harmony with the unseen forces of the universe. In particular, I whole-heartedly value those individuals that are not pretentious because I'm a straight-shooter. I swear a lot because I always have done so and I would be faking it if I pretended otherwise. I wear clothing that I like and is comfortable, not clothing that makes me look like the gorgeous and talented Noomi Rapace in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011). I am just Tina Lupiezowiec.

SIDE NOTE: You may think I'm pretentious because I have a fancy-fancy lexicon, which means I occasionally use big or unfamiliar-to-you words. But don't be fooled, I just read a lot, I'm educated and I LOVE language (nerd alert - I studied some linguistics in college back when dinosaurs roamed the earth). I'm not going to change my language to make anyone comfortable. Flee, flee now if you must. That said, you may be asking yourself, why doesn't Tina swear that much when she writes (verses when she speaks) and that, dear inquisitive mind, is probably because I am a product of the American education system. I learned to write in an environment where swearing was not tolerated, as such, I'm trained, conditioned, toned and honed. I write like a smarty-pants and speak like a trucker (no insult to truckers, it's a turn of phrase.)

What does Tina know?

I, Tina Lupiezowiec, know how to train psychics; motivate, embolden, entertain, enliven, and inspire positive change in folks; conduct paranormal investigations; and problem-solve. I'm a decent clairvoyant psychic and a marginal medium (depending on who is talking). I know what programs I like to watch. I know that truth is subjective. But most importantly, I know I am teachable - I know for certain that every time I learn something new, I realize how little I know. For every answer I get, I have 10 more questions. Add to that my memory challenges, and sometimes I can feel about as clueless as a stack of pancakes. This revelation won't shock anyone that has met me. It is not as obvious here, because this is edited and presented. Real-time Tina is not so graceful. I am no longer ashamed of my ignorance or the challenges that a Swiss-cheese memory presents, because those conditions have been the catalyst behind every interesting pursuit I have ever undertaken.

I've probably gone on to long; that's a trait of mine, as is blind-siding everyone with an unexpected segue (a.k.a. dolphining), a winding stream of consciousness, and the ol' classic - Uh, ... I just lost train of thought.

Thanks for reading through to the end. My un-asked for advice to you, do the unexpected - whatever that means to you. If it means reaching out to me, that's cool. If it means learning to sew or taking up fly-fishing, mindfulness, or Krav Maga, that's cool too. Go be awesome and love your beautiful life.


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