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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

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KOI Psychic Services exists to provide its clients with life changing psychic experiences, in an affordable, safe environment, free from solicitation, dogma and judgment. At KOI Psychic Services clients will be treated with open-mindedness, integrity, and kindness. Clients will experience a multi-disciplinary approach to communication, expand their understanding of the world and be welcomed to join a community of other individuals who seek ongoing education and assistance in navigating and expanding their knowledge of the unseen forces of the universe. 

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Who is...

Tina Lee Lupiezowiec?

THESE DAYS Tina is a 5-Star highly-rated, clairvoyant psychic medium, instructor of psychic development and paranormal investigator. She's honest, outspoken, and passionate.

The tale of Tina is convoluted, hedonistic, haunted and not very graceful. She never lies about her journey, sharing bits and pieces here and there during readings or when public speaking. She believes her struggles are what make her so approachable, someone with whom people can relate. She’s no saint, she’s imperfect, and she’s a psychic, not a supermodel - so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Here we'll only hit some key points from 2008 onward. Back when Tina was, as now, married to her second husband, the mother of two school-aged sons, and was an organic urban farmer, an advocate for sustainability, a workaholic who drank too much, smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and was...

Latest Reviews

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I really enjoyed my time with Tina, it was like connecting with an old friend. She made me feel comfortable and put me at ease by answering any of my questions and is completely non-judgmental. She has a gift that’s for sure!

Krystine M

Over 50+ 5 star reviews

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