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Hello, People.

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Black and white photo of Tina Lupiezowiec laughing

THESE DAYS Tina is a 5-Star highly-rated, clairvoyant psychic medium, instructor of psychic development and paranormal investigator. She's honest, outspoken, and passionate.

The tale of Tina is convoluted, hedonistic, haunted and not very graceful. She never lies about her journey, sharing bits and pieces here and there during readings or when public speaking. She believes her struggles are what make her so approachable, someone with whom people can relate. She’s no saint, she’s imperfect, and she’s a psychic, not a supermodel - so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Here we'll only hit some key points from 2008 onward. Back when Tina was, as now, married to her second husband, the mother of two school-aged sons, and was an organic urban farmer, an advocate for sustainability, a workaholic who drank too much, smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and was a perfectionist. Though she wasn't consciously using her psychic gifts then, she was definitely haunted, plagued with nightmares and consumed with an ever growing desire to search for missing children. She was, in her words, hot-mess magical.

In 2008, Tina became the owner and sole employee of Goin’ Lupi, a residential urban farm with an online presence. Until 2016, Tina farmed day and night specializing in gourmet organic tomatoes and peppers. Her real goal had been to inspire and educate people using urban farming as the platform. Over time, toiling in the soil, learning the cycles of life, weather, insect and human, and despite her personal shortcomings, Tina’s psychic gifts really began to emerge.

In 2014, she began facilitating a Madison area Meetup Group called Spiritually Responsible & Aware, which grew to over 600 members. Between 2014 to 2017 Tina hosted countless meetups, developing her psychic skills and unique teaching techniques, as well as an understanding of the needs of regular people, like herself, who were struggling to become spiritual without going broke or getting conned, manipulated or brainwashed from the very community they yearned to join.

When Tina’s gifts had reached the point where confirmations outweighed doubt, she realized that she had to relinquish urban farming and become a full-fledged psychic. But, there was yet an epic inner conflict; Tina believed that letting go of Goin' Lupi made her a failure, that change in that case, even change for the best, would mean she was a loser. So, her transition was not graceful; she held on to Goin' Lupi, even after she took a small slip on a single step and broke her ankle in a manner more consistent with a fall from an airplane - but that did not stop Tina, nope, she farmed on. But that year she grew white sage too and brought smudge sticks to market. Doing so opened up a dialogue with customers about metaphysical topics and resulted in drawing her out of hiding.

Tina’s psychic gifts had evolved to the point where she felt confidence, but she still did not want to change her nature and self-destructive habits - habits being habits and all. She loved farming and wouldn't let it go, so, although she closed Goin' Lupi and officially opened KOI Psychic Services in January 2017, she continued to farm, growing more than she or her family and friends could eat, overwhelmed and struggling with the transition, Tina became ill, nearly choking to death twice but for her husband's timely use of the Heimlich Maneuver - and discovered to her horror that she actually had to stop eating the very crops she'd lovingly grown.

Thus the battle was over; if Tina didn’t put on her big girl pants and let go, she would likely die. With the passion she had hitherto used white-knuckle style to hold-on to Goin' Lupi, she researched her medical condition, nutritional remedies and synchronistically discovered the healing modality of Pranic Healing resulting in the pursuit of balancing out her life - mind, body, and spirit.

From the second Tina began trying to come into balance, she and KOI Psychic Services have flourished beyond her imagination or expectations. Tina enjoys the gratitude of her clients and satisfaction of knowing that it was all worth it. She’ll say it every time about herself, Some nuts are tougher to crack than others.

Since the first client entered KOI's door, Tina knew she was fulfilling her truest heart's desire, living her purpose; she had evolved and become a version of herself that would allow change without fear or shame, along with magic, growth and adventure. After several years of providing readings and healings, Tina stretched out of her comfort zone into teaching psychic development and into providing readings at large and small events. Most recently, in 2023, Tina fulfilled her greatest dream of all and formed KOI Psychic Investigations, a team of psychics and investigators to meet the growing need for paranormal investigations.

In her spare time, Tina gardens, shares spectacular photos of her flowers, insects, 3 rescue dogs, 3 cats, tortoise, and sons Arman and Luther, and is still married to her supportive husband, JJ.  

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