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Tina Lupiezowiec is Madison's very own eccentric No-Nonsense Clairvoyant Psychic Medium and the proud owner of KOI Psychic Services. Using unconventional humor, storytelling, cards and her natural abilities, she'll help you navigate whatever it is you're going through. Please note: Tina will honestly convey messages delivered, and those messages may not always be what you WANT to hear. That won't stop her. Private and small group readings take place at KOI.

One-on-One Psychic Reading

Tina will provide an individualized psychic reading in-person at KIO Psychic Services or via video chat using Zoom or Google Meet. A minimum reading is 1-hour. 

Additionally, the average first time reading is 1-1/2 hours because people don't want the reading to end

$90 per hour.

Small Groups

Psychic readings for small groups of 2 to 5 participants at KOI Psychic Services. Tina Lupiezowiec will do individualized readings sequentially for each participant, answer questions, as well as have group discussions. It is best to anticipate at least 45 minutes per guest.

$100 per hour

(Groups of 2 to 5 guests)

Party Tina

Whether for work, retirement, graduation, birthday, whatever the occasion, every party is more fun and enriching with psychic readings by Tina Lupiezowiec. But she won't be preforming as a group psychic, well, not much, she'd rather be tucked into a nook or cranny, a linen closet or forgotten office space, where she'll happily give one-on-one readings (typically 7-15 minutes in length) to partygoers.

(Inquire for rate and travel fees)

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