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The Goal

The ultimate goal of KOI Paranormal Investigations (KPI) is to create a positive outcome for the client and the entities involved. Harmony and compassion are at the core of every effort. The key objective is to restore order, peace and harmony. This is achieved through revealing who and what is visiting and/or residing in a given location and the motivations behind the activity. KPI maintains a high standard of ethics for each investigation and does not engage in provocation or disrespectful behavior toward the living or the dead.

Often the practical resolution to investigations, if welcome, will include blessings, cleansing, and/ or land acknowledgment. If disturbances require a more acute approach to preserve peaceful habitation, KPI can advise on how to accomplish those goals if outside the scope of the team (e.g. exorcism).

Confidentiality and discretion are KPI priorities. All members of our team are voluntarily compliant to non-disclosure agreements unless otherwise requested by our clients. Any footage or data used in the observational studies below has been authorized by the owners of the property and all of the participants in the investigation.

The Process

Each investigation is unique. The process begins with an initial questionnaire completed by the client outlining the nature and effects of the activity.  KPI staff will then contact the client to schedule an in-person or on-line psychic reading of the location by Tina

This preliminary questionnaire in conjunction with the findings from the psychic reading will be the starting point from which the team can create a more tailored course of action for the investigation. This will be reviewed with the stakeholders and with approval, the tech team and psychic team will be scheduled.

to complete the questionnaire

KPI utilizes state of the art technology in investigations. A full catalog of equipment and technology personnel are available for every investigation. Hand held full spectrum and infrared video cameras, motion activated night vision and IR video cameras, motion activated thermal signature capture, EVP handheld recorders, REM pod devices, SB7 frequency sweepers, Tri-Field and EMF meters are all part of the stable of technology.

In addition to technology, Tina has assembled a team of fellow psychic mediums that may be called to join in on an investigation. Each member of this group has their own unique talents that greatly contribute to a deeper understanding of the phenomena. Experts in psychometry, remote viewing, channeling, nature magic, and mediumship are called in depending on the particulars of the circumstances.

KPI also works with linguistic specialists, local historians, environmental specialists and other local professionals in their fields to clarify, translate and/or analyze the data collected during an investigation.

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