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Tina offers opportunities for multidisciplinary education in psychic development for her clients as an adjunct to psychic readings. Learning from Tina is unconventional: no tests, no grades, only experiences. Class sizes are kept small and intimate to maximize participation.

Classes are a hybrid of in-person and online. They are made up of 7 weekly, 2-hour classes that focus on theory, discussion and breakout practice sessions, followed by 2 workshop opportunities for hands-on, real-life practical experience (e.g. investigation training, EVP analysis, applied remote viewing). Courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels are available with focused practice and discussion on the following topics:






Chakra Theory, Balancing & Activation

Methods of Protection

Dream Interpretation

Remote Viewing


Auric Theory & Reading

Health Scanning & Healing

Ethics of Psychic Practice

Psychic development and education courses are as much about community and creating bonds with your fellow students as they are about honing your psychic skills. Students find that these bonds foster and accelerate development. Tina will facilitate breakout groups for individuals to work with other classmates with “homework” to be continued outside of the scheduled class. Students find this peer-to-peer practice to be an empowering portion of the coursework.

The biggest take away from any course with Tina is, clearly and positively, that “You can.” This is coursework for regular people- expect the unexpected.

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