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I was contacted by a fretting client today. As we arranged the upcoming investigation of both her home and her father's home, she regrettably told me "don't forget to bring your N95 masks" as her father's basement is more or less hazardous to one's respiratory health - in her opinion. She should know, she's a nurse. I comforted her by telling her that at the last investigation I attended, I was stepping over large piles of broken glass, animal feces and, no lie, dead bird carcasses - plural!!.

Reality Sets In

It was revolting; the stairwell handrails were literally covered in feces and completely noxious. How that passes as acceptable at a location that my colleagues actually had paid to investigate (with me as their guest) is beyond me. If you are paying for the privilege of investigating, some bare minimum standards should be seen to… Oh my gosh and pigs will fly because prior to walking in the door, you have to sign a legal waiver forfeiting your right to breathe or have an expectation of a floor being under foot. I get it, a clear safe path from point A to B might ruin the desired ambience of dilapidation and mystery. I mean really, what's not creepy about having to step over the desiccated skeletal remains of vermin. Down, Tina. Down! All right, I'll hop down off my soapbox. You'll get used to me. I'm always preaching about this or that. I can't help it. My opinions have opinions. .

If you and your team are investigating someone's private residence, you should NOT expect it to be anything other than how they keep it - good, bad or otherwise.

Brass Tacks

We are guests in their home and their home is a reflection of their priorities, infirmities, passions, hobbies, interests, mental health, and all that once was and some things yet be. You name it. Who are we to judge? We are being granted privileged access and we respect that.

What a lot of clients don't understand (as clients are not necessarily paranormal enthusiasts) is all those objects, regardless of their condition, have energy fields all their own, imbued from the past and can on occasion even have attachments. Sometimes hauntings are nothing more than the energy effects of the objects themselves. Let me sit and bask in the rays of the sunshine of that thought, if it were only always that. Find the object. Remove the object and all is well. But that's a whole other topic.

Pay Attention!

So we will come armed with our respiratory masks, hiking boots and rugged clothing. And will boldly walk through any conditions to discover what is haunting that location.

Ps. Before she hopped off the phone, she offhandedly informed me that while they were clearing a path down there, they heard a disembodied voice say "pay attention to me".

That is going to be an interesting investigation. I can't wait!!

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