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Updated: Jan 26

I was listening to audio from a residential investigation of an apartment. Initially I thought I had heard something about a "sh!t sandwich", but upon further review, I think I hear someone saying something like "I gave you sh!t on a sandwich". I think the meaning of THAT is more mean spirited.

As I learn how to blog on WIX you will be exposed to my learning curve, for which I apologize. There are worse fates than being exposed to my learning curve; you could, for instance, be one of the angsty spirits on the other side trying to communicate with me.

I have thousands of video clips where EVPs are collected. The audio is what is of note, not the video - which we joke is usually of guts, butts, and boobs, typically out of focus, but the video comes with the audio, so you get it too.

The above video is at 50% speed, I loop it for ease of listening. If you can hear what the spirit is saying, that's awesome. What do YOU hear?

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