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I'm just starting to blog. I'm shy for an opinionated person. PD2. Auras.

Madison's current version of Snowmaggedon marks the beginning of my latest PD2 class - that's psychic development two for the uninitiated. Students that completed KOI's PD1 class and want to continue on usually participate in PD2.

I love teaching, despite having pretty serious memory challenges resulting from repressed memories and being gloriously neurodivergent (the spicy way of saying I have ADHD). It's fair to say I never know if I'm coming or going and am utterly dependent on all things Google interacting with my calendar. My memory is not 50 First Dates bad, thank goodness - because that would be wildly tricky, but my challenges do keep my students on their toes and me utterly dependent on my syllabus and thoroughly humbled - well, as humble as a person with my gregarious personality can be. Let's call my challenges the counterbalance to my dynamic nature; the universe creating harmony by maintaining balance.

We have a ton a fun in class. As I type this - knowing that I'll be teaching in 30 minutes, I honestly need to pull up my syllabus to figure out why I'm so excited. Darn it! One moment...

AURAS! Yay. Teaching auras is a blast. We learn different ways to "see" them and how to decode them. Here's an old aura photo of me. I was in my 40s when that was taken, Awe. I was a baby.

There are a few schools of thought on what a color means, why we see colors if we do, and more schools of thought on why we should not take aura photography seriously. It's all cool to me. Scientists will have it all categorized one of these days, in the meantime, we can explore the possibilities together. I don't dismiss ideas because I don't understand them. I don't dismiss ideas because science doesn't yet understand them. I am open-minded. Ok. Gotta go get ready and by that I mean, I gotta head out the door, through the snow to the what had been the breezeway and is, since 2016, KOI Psychic Services. Thank goodness for Zoom because everyone is zooming in tonight due to treacherous driving conditions.

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