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The revised KOI logo and KPI Logo

Updated: Jan 5

For anyone interested in the process and thoughts regarding updating the KOI logo as well as the process of creating the KPI logo, the following explanation is from my artist, the wildly talented Rob Snow.

I was first asked by Tina, in 2017 to design and render out a logo design for KOI Psychic Services. With communication from Tina on the subject, the obvious path was to have a rendering of a koi fish in some shape or form. As with my normal process with logo design, I did some research and study of the named fish and looked at the possible ways to use and utilize its shape and look in a logo design. The idea was to make the logo a badge like design and so the first iteration was constructed around the oval shape, in order to contain it in the necessary restricted shape, useful for printing and general placement on any given application. The natural flow of the fish was designed around the sweeping of the nose tentacle that was constructed around the lower part of the oval. In classic fish art design the tail was swept back to give the idea of motion, which also allowed the flow of the name text element to move through the top oval element and extend into the tail form. The only other element that was considered was the placement of the colour markings on the fishes body. These were added after some research into several koi fish markings. To finalize the design and the connectivity between the logo type and the icon, the lower front fin was designed to obscure parts of the lettering. This allowed the two elements to be brought together.

Cut to six years later, and Tina once again contacted me to enhance the logo a little bit and draw in more the mindset of the investigation aspect of her work. This was brought about after thoughts and discussions on the matter of Poirot. On given the brief, I once again engaged in a little research and the surrounding of the Agatha Christie’s era of inclusion for the character of Poirot. The art style of this period was recognized as Art Deco. Much research was looked at in terms of shapes, colours, typefaces and styles that could be utilized for the redesign of the logo. Some animal art was discovered in line art form as well as research in the artwork of known artist; Aubrey Beardsley. It was decided to employ a typeface that was modern, but had influences from the Art Deco era. Again with the original fish design, the koi fish was sketched out using a flowing arc form. The idea would be the arched tail would act as an umbrella detail for the main logo type part of the design. The design was made without reference to the colour patterns of the original art, as Art Deco tends to be a simplified monochromatic affair and the design was formed more around the engraved line cuts that are associated with the Art Deco art. Again, the main facial whisker was adapted to create a flow in the path of the fishes body, and the end was curled to give it that Poirot look and feel.
Finally, several versions were created with the named colour range that Tina had decided upon, and the Sienna and opal blue version was decided upon as the final version.

As an additional aspect, a second logo was requested for a division of KOI called KPI. The quick notion behind this was to make it more modern and simple. The typeface was selected first and out of this I saw the aspect of a jumping fish, that could be generated around the dot above the “I”. As the design of the main logo was nicely achieved with the whisker I decided to make this a bigger feature on the second logo in order to once again emphasize the Poirot influence of the main suggestions regarding Art Deco. It was swirled and enlarged to make a key feature to a more minimal fish design, that was once again brought into the logo type by having it jumping out of the P as an accent to the lettering.
At the end the two logos work well together and in unison to the aspect of Art Deco and the original values of koi fish. Both original, but at the same time linked by their bond to Tina and her work.

Rob Snow is a consummate professional, a brilliant artist, and a truly passionate human - especially regarding animal welfare! Check out his work.

Eternally grateful, Tina Lupiezowiec

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